Media, Big Tech let Bidens sin and grin while vilifying The NY Post

Sportswriter John Feinstein, after legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight alternately called him a pimp and a whore, had a memorable response: “I wish he’d make up his mind so I’d know how to dress!”

Something similar is going on with The Post’s breakthrough reports of the Biden family business secrets. The media Praetorian Guards are throwing up defenses faster than Bobby Knight hurled insults.

One day, The Post is accused of spreading Russian disinformation for reporting on emails contained on a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden. The next day, the paper is accused of being cruel because Hunter has obvious dependency and psychological issues.

What’s next — that poor Joe Biden was duped into getting involved in Hunter’s deals because of early-stage dementia?

Oops, can’t go there, at least not yet. That has to wait until he’s sitting in the White House and Donald Trump is banished. Then it will be safe to let the facts come out.

Any port in a storm, sailors say, and that’s what we’re witnessing as Big Media and Big Tech unite to protect Joe Biden, a k a the “Big Guy,” from anything resembling the truth. Their desperation is extraordinary when you remember that neither of the Bidens has claimed the laptop and devastating emails are fakes. So why is the media making those claims and tech using that as an excuse to censor The Post’s reports?

The usual suspects — the New York Times, CNN and the Washington Post — are shooting the messenger instead of doing their own reporting. If they were even modestly curious, they would learn that Joe Biden was helping his family get rich for years and even participated in setting up plans to partner with a Chinese firm in acquiring American infrastructure projects. That was the deal where Hunter, in emails and reportedly in other communications, referred to his father as “the big guy” and “the chairman.”

Protecting Biden while depriving Americans of the truth would seem to be an odd position for reporters, editors and social media masters who profit from controversy and preen that they have a public trust. “Democracy dies in darkness” the Washington Post says even as it refuses to shine a spotlight on the Bidens’ scams. [ … ]

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