Mass Shootings: Another Consequence of Democrat Majorities

When most Democrats learned of the Boulder, CO shooting last week, they salivatingly checked social media to see if the alleged murderer was a white, male Donald Trump voter.  Most Republicans scoured story after story to see if he was black or a Democrat (close to redundant, I know). 

I, however, did what I always do when I hear of a shooting: I checked who lives in the area, and who’s in charge.

What do you think I discovered about Boulder County?  I confirmed that the population is the same as it was (and still is) in Newtown, CT; Orlando, FL; Parkland, FL; El Paso, TX; Atlanta, GA; and the city of Boulder: majority Democrat. 

In Boulder County, since 2004, the Democrat nominee for U.S. president has received a minimum of 66% of the vote; Biden got 77% last year.  In the county, there are 96,319 active registered Democrats and 36,302 active registered Republicans.

The mayor, and all eight council members of the city of Boulder, are “nonpartisan,” but the Rorschach Test of the Homo sapiens species — social media — revealed that all are Democrats.  On their social media, here is what I found:

Comparing the hunting and killing of prairie dogs to the Holocaust;

Obama alum;

pronouns obsessive; 

Gay pride;

And, last but not least: wear a mask, mentioned two trillion times. 

The suspect’s name was one of the last bits of information I acquired.  I thought: Uh-oh.  We’d better soon figure out how to make a guy named Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa a lily-white militia member, with a secret manifesto about the Lost Cause of the Confederacy that’s read at the local Aryan Nations cross-burning book club. 

The Mass Shooter/Democrat Association

More than who’s in office in state legislatures and governorships and who are the U.S. representatives, U.S. senators, and president, shooters are almost always Democrat-created and Democrat-inspired, and they tend to live in a majority Democrat area.  That so many of these terrorists are locally produced affirms why local, county, and school board elections are oftentimes more impactful than national elections. 

In Newtown, CT, where, in 2012, the deadliest primary or secondary school shooting in U.S. history occurred, sections of the town are among the most affluent in the state.  Newtown’s political makeup had been majority Republican until 2008, but then it shifted purple.  Its county, Fairfield, and metropolitan area, Danbury, have both been majority Democrat for over 9,000 consecutive days.  My research has turned up nothing conclusive about the political beliefs of the mass shooter and his parents, who were divorced at the time of the shooting.  (Recall that the killer murdered his mother in her sleep and committed suicide in the school.)

Contrary to the popular narrative, the Islamic supremacist from the 2016 Pulse shooting, in Orlando, didn’t target the locale because it was a gay club; he wanted a crowded nightclub and chose Pulse because it was the first search result on his phone.  Orlando’s city council has six seats; four of its councilmen Democrats.  Its mayors have been only Democrat for the last 6,500 consecutive [ … ]

What do you think?

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