London Mayor Appoints Woke Activist Brigade To ‘Review’ Statues For ‘Diversity’ (

No prizes for guessing what this lot will decide…

The mayor of London Sadiq Khan has appointed a rogues gallery of woke partisans as a ‘task force’ to review whether statues and other landmarks in the city are ‘diverse enough’.

The selection is chocked full of people who have previously declared their disdain for Britain’s history, prompting warnings that unelected activists with an axe to grind are being placed in charge of erasing history.

The Daily Mail reports that one panel task force member previously suggested that every instance of white supremacy throughout history can be traced back to Britain.

Another member of the task force, officially called the Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm, previously attempted to confront the Queen and demand an apology for Britain’s ‘historical injustices’….[   ]

What do you think?

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11 months ago

Sadiq is the british version of Bill de Blasio of NYC. They deserve Nobel piece prize alongside with BLM for their wokeism efforts and promoting Idiocracy.

Search This
11 months ago

Sadiq Khan:
Another demonstration of Islam’s incompatibility with democracy.

Last edited 11 months ago by Search This
11 months ago

Khan is ruining London, knife crime is only off the front pages because of lockdowns. There is traffic everywhere due to roads being closed for vehicles. He has to go

Nico Norris
11 months ago

He is the Muslim Mayor of London Immigrant Gangs

11 months ago

Even Superman was told never to interfere with history!

11 months ago

If Khan wants diversity why is there no Chinese.Turkish.French.German, Polish on his panel

Tag Lady
11 months ago

Mayor of London? Not for long if he keeps up the wokery nonsense.

11 months ago

They look like a crack team for sure.

Polly Prepper
11 months ago

Vote Brian Rose for Mayor of London.

Franco Combs
11 months ago

UK spent decades raping and plundering the planet. Far more than this is deserved.

11 months ago

London’s demographics are roughly 70% white, and much much higher throughout the UK. Where is the equality and equity for whites within this appointed minority-drenched woke panel?

11 months ago

London’s long, proud history will soon be lost to these woke crusaders. Most of these activists are so devoid of real historical knowledge they have no idea who they are canceling. Their only criteria will most likely be (1) white, and (2) male. So long Shakespeare! Nice knowing you Winston Churchill.

11 months ago

Europeans are written out of their own history



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