Lockdowns to Continue for Several Years Say the Experts

Lockdown to infinity.

The technocrats have more reasons to make you stay at home!

What do you think?

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1 month ago

In a few years? We’re already there. 

1 month ago

Unfortunately, we will be a communist country in a few years, and the media will be fully controlled by the government, and those in charge will clearly state how effective and great the lockdowns were. Any dissent will be crushed and those publishing it punished.  

Freedom is over.

1 month ago

“If they announced the lockdowns 30 years ago, it would have failed….”

More baby boomers and gen x welcomed the lockdown over millenials. I’m a gen-x btw.

1 month ago

There’s more of the middle class to destroy yet.

There are more freedoms to take away.

Their work is far from done.

Next up – they’ll take down the internet and blame Russian hackers, and when they bring eventually it back up, there will be no anonymity.

bada bim bada boom..!

1 month ago

If they announced the lockdowns 30 years ago, it would have failed. But the new millennial + Z generation are idiots with no life skill and no balls.

1 month ago

but of course…. The purpose of the flu hoax has always been to make it easier for the Democrats to commit election fraud.

1 month ago

How about a global lockdown of collectivist fascism to delay the collapse of civilization.  

Big Blue
1 month ago

almost as if all this was planned….

No Comment
1 month ago

And the demented fool in The White House will be told to agree with this. This is no proposal ….this will happen…the media is preparing us now. 



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