Latino Business Owner: This Election Is Not About Donald Trump, Its About Preserving Personal and Political Freedoms

Joe Biden and the Democratic Party want Americans to see this year’s presidential contest as a referendum on Donald Trump, but the election of 2020 is about bigger things — bigger, even, than assessing a sitting president’s record in office.  

The stakes in this election involve the American way of life itself, and all that it promises, including personal freedom, domestic tranquility, and economic opportunity. It’s time for Americans to pick a side and decide whether our country will forge a path toward to renewed prosperity or whether it wants to travel down the road of greater government control and constrictions on political and personal freedom.  

Even as the coronavirus remains a dominant issue, both in public health and in politics, we must ask ourselves how much longer we can afford to live imprisoned by fear and uncertainty. Becoming a mask-wearing nation deprived of basic liberties is not living; it is death by a thousand cuts. People — Americans, especially — simply are not meant to live confined like laboratory animals.

Yet, at a time when more and more Americans want the economy to reopen, Joe Biden is calling for a national shutdown. His agenda would worsen circumstances that have already been linked with increased drug and alcohol consumption as well as domestic abuse. And his Big Government agenda would deal another brutal blow to jobs and businesses, just as the U.S. economy is attempting to get back on its feet. Further weakening the U.S. would only embolden our enemies abroad and imperil democracy and free markets everywhere.

Dealing with a global pandemic is not the only area in which the Left’s ideas have proved harmful. Democrats were slow to condemn the violence and chaos that ensued after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May. Throughout a summer of riots and mayhem, candidate Biden and his party had little to say as violent criminals rampaged through our cities. Those who want to live and raise families in safe urban communities will get no help from Democrats.

In the weeks and months ahead, will you be safe inside your home if rioters come knocking? Will you, your [ … ]

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