Journalist Andy Ngo on how Antifa wants to ‘destroy democracy’

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10 months ago

There are only 3000 of them and their ranks are not growing because they are paid and not true to their own cause. A good number of them are ex cons.
They only riot or protest or destroy in Democrat Plantations.
They have to be shipped across country to form any kind of riot as there are not enough of them.

11 months ago

For an anarchist group, antifa seems to worship the state. They are authoritarian collectivist with old & boring ideological beliefs.

11 months ago

Just like in Czarist Russia, the Bolsheviks in Antifa and BLM will betray the academically brainwashed elite wannabes and take over. The Ho is clearly one of them and she will dispose of Sleepy Joe and his arrogant highly educated elites at the right time.

Uncle Chubby
11 months ago

2020 Fraud Election has already destroyed democracy!
It doesn’t need any skinny-jean wearing loser drug addicts! 

11 months ago

Most of antifa followers are merely puppets who zombie-like follow antifa leaders because their social media told them to.

11 months ago

Antifa and BLM are subsidiaries of the Democratic Party.

No Comment
11 months ago

Antifa has no plan.
Their sponsors giving them marching orders.

11 months ago

Antifa is a violent extremist, anti-government, anti-establishment organization. They have destroyed property, attacked and killed civilians and police, and the liberals have just stood by and let them do so. These are the true “domestic terrorists” but the Dems are just so blinded by their hatred for Trump supporters and punishing them, that they ignore this dangerous group to their detriment.

11 months ago

Antifa is the Communist paramilitary of the Establishment.
Antifaschistische Aktion was the paramilitary of the Communist Party (KPD) of the Weimar Republic, they even have the same symbol; right-wing propogandists deliberately omit this fact and instead call them “fascists” or “anarchists.”

Search This
11 months ago

American Terrorist Organization.



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