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Time isn’t on our side,” said President Trump on Friday. “Everything else is on our side. Facts are on our side.”

The president was referring, of course, to the vote counts that currently are being disputed in several states. Indeed, if you’ve been following the actual developments on this front closely, you are becoming increasingly aware of just how much evidence there is of massive electoral fraud. 

The question is not whether the Democrats tried to steal the election; they did. At this point, there’s no honest question about that. The only question is whether there’s enough time to prove it in court, and whether the judges involved will dare to make honest rulings. 

To tens of millions of Americans, to be sure, there’s no story here. Since Election Night, they’ve been told by the media sources they trust that there’s no doubt about the results. Biden won; Trump is a sore loser; all claims of electoral fraud are “baseless” and “false”; right-wingers, by maintaining otherwise, have abandoned all reason. 

There’s one thing you can fairly say about all of the so-called journalists who dismiss claims of fraud as “baseless” and “false”: not a single one of them actually examines the evidence. Not in writing or on camera, anyway. Not objectively. Not honestly. All they have to say about the evidence is that it doesn’t add up to anything. 

And they don’t prove this. They just assert it. Indeed, assertion—repeated assertion; endless, mindless assertion—is their favored rhetorical device. When in your life have you ever run across the word “baseless” so frequently? [ … ]

What do you think?

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