Is the NBA 'woking' to death?

The TV ratings are in for the NBA All-Star Game, and the numbers are brutal.

According to Anthony Crupi, the game averaged a pathetic 5.94 million viewers on TNT this past Sunday. 

Just how bad are those numbers?

It’s a record low

So what’s going on?  The “woke” NBA will explain it in a couple of ways:

a) it’s an exhibition; and, 

b) the Harry-Meghan show was on the other channel.

Yes, it is an exhibition, as every other All-Star game is.  Over the years, the NBA turned the exhibition game into a scoring contest.  I did not like it, but lots of others did, especially young fans like my sons, who loved the acrobatics on the court.

Yes, “Harry & Meghan vs. The Queen” was on the other channel, but it was an hour show.  The game was longer and fans could have caught a big portion of the game if interested.

So what’s going on?  The NBA has turned “woke” and a China apologist.  It is no longer entertainment, but “wokism” at its worst.

As with other businesses, low ratings mean lower revenues and usually payroll cuts.  Can someone ring the players’ union and break the news that “woke” means less money?

Of course, Commissioner Adam Silver could stop it in a heartbeat.  He could tell the players to play and leave the politics to cable news pundits.  Maybe he is afraid of having his home torched by the local wokies….[    ]

What do you think?

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red line
1 month ago

Athletes and Hollywood actors. Why do they think that being popular celebs make them in any way, shape, or form qualified to comment on politics. Shut up and just do your damn job, while you still are lucky enough to have one.

1 month ago

I’d rather watch “Harry & Meghan” than the NBA’s wokeism.

1 month ago

I think the NBA deserves to die off. I refuse to watch a game played largely by over-paid millionaire athletes who complain about “equality” and “equity.” Where the heck is equality in sports? It is all based on merit.

paper cut
1 month ago

The NBA is now in China’s pocketbook. Most of its watchers and revenues are from Chinese viewers. Seems like U.S. viewers are very turned off by the NBA woke obsession.

Last edited 1 month ago by paper cut



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