If you love freedom, you're a 'far-right extremist' to the totalitarian left

The “far right” is mentioned often in the mainstream media.  As to who these people are, we need only know that they are the ones who refuse to submit to the left’s attempts to exercise absolute control over their thoughts, speech, and lives.

To our national detriment, colleges and universities, the media, the entertainment industry, Big Tech, and most of the corporate world have joined the left’s cultural revolution.  They define the terms of the debate and act as if these radical new standards have always been the norm.  Most American institutions support this grand deception.

Last year from late spring through the summer, police stations were attacked, police officers and civilians were injured and killed, and property was destroyed in over 500 riots.  The mainstream media deemed these “protests” peaceful and legitimate expressions of outrage against social injustice.

One riot at the Capitol, while rightly condemned, was magnified into an insurrection.  The action was lawless, disruptive, and dangerous, but our Constitutional Republic was never on the brink of destruction.  Congress was back to business a few hours later.  Yet anyone who attended the peaceful part of the gathering is subject to being blacklisted and fired.

The Black Lives Matter Movement led over 500 riots last year, but the left wants us to believe that “white supremacists” are the real threat to civil disorder.  As an American of African and slave ancestry, I have no sympathy with white supremacists.  However, it is the left that is branding, silencing, and metaphorically lynching anyone who is not in lockstep.  White supremacists are despicable but marginal.  The left actually destroys people — their careers, businesses, and reputations — with the ruthlessness of a totalitarian regime.

This is a new form of totalitarianism that is not governmental, but cultural.  Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci argued for a communist revolution by subverting the values that uphold liberty.  The left is doing just that.  Leftists have smeared Americans who adhere to faith, family, and freedom as undercover bigots.  Faith is camouflage for homophobia and misogyny.  Traditional family roles of husband and wife are anti-gay.  Freedom is an excuse for hate speech and gun violence.

Americans used to say that “I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend with my life your right to say it.”  Now we have speech codes, de-platforming, and “safe spaces.”  Colleges and universities, once bastions of free speech, have become enclaves of censorship.

For generations, conservatives have respected the flag, loved our country, and defended free speech and religious liberty.  The left has convinced its cult followers that patriotism and First Amendment freedom are the “dog whistles” of racists.

My patriotism comes from gratitude and appreciation for the life America makes possible.  I want the same for my children, grandchildren, and future generations.  That is not xenophobic, racist, or white supremacist.  It is an attitude shared by millions of decent, hardworking Americans of all races and ethnicities.

The left characterizes the commonsense principle of taking care of America First as right-wing extremism or “Christian nationalism.”  Imagine my surprise at learning that, as a black American, putting my own country’s interests before those of other nations makes me hateful….[     ]

What do you think?

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1 month ago

A form of government is characterized by the presence of a single political party (i.e. Democratic Party) who imposes its prominence and political power by means of propaganda , disseminated through the state controlled mass media, ideological collectivism, restriction of free discussion and criticism, the use of mass surveillance, political purges and persecution of specific groups of people.


1 month ago

We need to keep these liberal clowns locked up forever.

1 month ago

Fascism requires a lot of propaganda and mind control, otherwise they just go with the standard violence.

1 month ago

Last century leftist progressive lunatics murdered over 100 million in pursuit of totalitarian power, so it is no surprise that they would lie about everything in their pursuit of totalitarian power this century. 

1 month ago

Power mad cow democrat marxists and their propaganda fake legacy media will never give up their newly discovered covid powers.
It allows them to ignore laws…
Make up laws…
Arrest and destroy people at a whim…
Change election laws to solely benefit themselves…
Ban any opposing view points 
Steal elections without any questions.

half full
1 month ago

The left is the master at twisting facts and distorting the truth in order to advance their agenda. Their propaganda machine is powerful as is their support from once respected universities, the Big Tech oligarchs, huge lucrative corporations, and the celebrity power of Hollywood.

1 month ago

The liberal left destroys anyone and everyone who dares to fight against its progressive vision. If BLM one day dares to do so … they, too, will be destroyed regardless of their race-based cause.

road warrior
1 month ago

History shows us that those on the left NEVER value freedom … only blind adherence to government and its collectivist vision.



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