How To Spend More Time In Deep Sleep & Wake Up Feeling Energized

Slow-wave sleep is vital for things like muscle and tissue growth, cellular repair.

Throughout the night, we go through four stages of sleep that each have their own function. Stage 3, also known as “slow-wave sleep” or “deep sleep,” is one of those stages, and it’s vital for things like muscle and tissue growth, cellular repair, and “cleaning out” the brain, among other things. Here’s everything you need to know about Stage 3 sleep, plus how to make sure you’re getting enough.

What happens during Stage 3 sleep?

As Hannu Kinnunen, Chief Science Officer at Oura, explains to mbg, “Stage 3 sleep falls into the category known as ‘deep sleep,’ which focuses on restoring your body.” During deep sleep, he says, your body kicks into repair mode, and a number of things happen, including:

  • Your blood pressure drops
  • The body promotes muscle growth and repair
  • Blood flow increases to muscles
  • Growth hormone is released
  • Tissue growth and cell repair occurs
  • Your brain flushes waste and exhibits long, slow brain waves [ … ]

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