How safe are the COVID vaccines? (

I’ll bet you haven’t heard this: more congenital anomalies/birth defects and emergency room visits were reported after getting a COVID vaccine in the U.S. than after any of the other 93 vaccine types in the CDC’s VAERS database.  And more deaths than 92 other vaccine types.

Here is how COVID vaccines rank among 94 vaccine types in terms of reported post-vaccine adverse effects.

  • Congenital anomaly/birth defect: 1.
  • Emergency room: 1.
  • Death: 2.
  • Life threatening: 5.
  • “Serious” adverse effects: 7.
  • Hospitalized: 10.
  • Permanent disability: 12.
  • Total adverse effects: 15.

Here, for example, is the screen shot of the CDC’s sorted list for the adverse effect of congenital anomaly/birth defect…[    ]

What do you think?

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bird strike
8 months ago

Interesting but correlation is not causation. I think one has to be careful when analyzing this data. There really is no proof the vaccines caused these serious side effects and deaths.

8 months ago

It is against the science is God narrative to denounce the vaccines. Otherwise they label you an anti-vaxxer conspiratorialist … and probably white supremacist to boot.

8 months ago

I think this is over-exaggerated. For ANY vaccine or medicine (including aspirin), there are some people who have side effects. That is just biological individuality in how each body responds.

8 months ago

Funny how the more serious side effects are never really publicized.

tara talks
8 months ago

I agree! Stop being human guinea pigs, people. They are treating you like lab rats.

8 months ago

People are desperate to get back to normal, that they are swarming to the take the COVID vaccines. I’d wish they just pause … these vaccines haven’t truly been thoroughly tested and reviewed for side effects.



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