Hospitals will share anonymous patients data for profit

Providence and about a dozen other major health-care systems across the country said Thursday they will join in a venture “unprecedented” in scope to share anonymized patient data in hopes of supporting research and better understanding medical conditions and treatments.

The health-care systems will co-own a private Seattle-based startup company called Truveta that will aggregate the data and make it available to researchers, health-care providers and pharmaceutical companies, CEO Terry Myerson said. 

Myerson is the former head of Windows at Microsoft. 

Although health-care providers have shared data before, sometimes for specific conditions like COVID-19, “this is unprecedented in terms of its scale,” Myerson said. Together, the 14 systems have facilities in 40 states and are in communities with more than 100 million people, according to Truveta.

Providence includes Swedish Health Services in Seattle. Also among the health-care systems is CommonSpirit Health, the parent company of Virginia Mason and CHI Franciscan, which recently merged.

Together, those two systems represent nearly 40% of patients in the Puget Sound region, according to Truveta.

More data sharing during the coronavirus pandemic could have provided faster information about how patients were responding to certain treatments

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1 month ago

Doctors are typing…

Ms Merit
1 month ago

They also sell Data to Pharma Industry, Insurance Carriers and Tech Companies

Vic Multani
1 month ago

HIPAA Laws were supposed to Protect Patient Rights, however it Seems Like Corporations and Politicians have Corrupted that too!



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