Half of New York Times employees said they can’t speak freely

About half of New York Times employees said in a recent internal survey that they don’t believe they can speak freely at the paper.

In response to the statement, “There is a free exchange of views in this company; people are not afraid to say what they really think,” only 51% of Times employees responded in the affirmative.

In company comments that accompanied the December poll’s findings, which were viewed by The Post, the 51 percent was noted as being 10% lower than the “benchmark.” One insider said the benchmark likely refers to the average among similar companies surveyed on that statement.

“Although the majority of us feel well-informed, many indicated that differing viewpoints aren’t sought or valued in our work,” read the Times’ internal assessment of the data. “Relatedly, we saw some negative responses on whether there’s a free exchange of views in the company, and scored below the benchmark on this question.”

A total of 74% of Times staffers said leaders and colleagues accept and embrace differences in ethnicity/race — a 10% decline from the results of the same inquiry in 2019.

“We saw steep declines in answers about leaders and colleagues accepting and embracing differences in race, gender, identity and religion. Responses from Black and Latino colleagues declined at an even greater rate,” the paper fretted.

The survey results were revealed to The Post as the former paper of record is embroiled in a seemingly endless parade of scandals. Most recently, a decision to oust veteran science reporter Donald McNeil over his non-derogatory use of a racial slur during a Times-sponsored trip with students has divided the newsroom. A column from their in-house conservative columnist Bret Stephens criticizing the McNeil dismissal was personally spiked by publisher A.G. Sulzberger.

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4 months ago

Ostracism is now one of American values. The world should know that. And of course Assange will finally be extradited. Freedom of speech no longer exists on this blue planet.

4 months ago

Democrats are evil satanic pedophiles. There is no way to coexist with them.

4 months ago

Cancel culture is itself a pandemic.

4 months ago

Cancel culture is the result of high unemployment and stress. It’s too easy for your boss to find a replacement.

4 months ago

The other 50% don’t have their own views

4 months ago

The New York Times has a real problem.  Young woke journalists have taken over the asylum.

The whole paper is mostly what used to be called the “opinion” section.

Space Marine
4 months ago

Welcome to the USSA

4 months ago

Its more like 99%



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