Good Enough: Baltimore Student Who Failed 90% of His Classes Was Ranked In Top Half Of His Class

As teacher unions fight to keep schools closed, the true cost is being felt by students who are racking up failing grades, dropping out of virtual classes, increasing drug use, and, in rising numbers, committing suicide.  In response, some union officials like the President of the Los Angeles Teacher’s Union has labelled calls to return to class examples of white privilege despite overwhelming science supporting resumption of classes. However, for minority students, this shutdown has taken a dire situation and turned into a free-fall disaster. The pandemic led to the closure of an already failing public school system, as evident in a shocking story out of Baltimore. As recently reported, a high school student almost graduated near the top half of his class after failing every class but three in four years. He has a 0.13 GPA.  His mother finally went public in exasperation with the failures in the public schools.

Tiffany France is understandably upset. She is a mother of three who works three jobs to support her family. She was never told that her son failed 22 classes and was late or absent 272 days over his first three years of high school. She was called for only one teacher-student meeting and that meeting never occurred at Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts.

France ultimately had to pull her son out of the school and enrolled him in an accelerated program to allow him to graduate in 2023.

For decades, we have spent huge amounts of money in school districts like Washington, D.C. and Baltimore as these cities and their leaders have failed to address these failures. We have had a lost generation of kids who have neither the education nor the trained skills to succeed in society. Yet, there is no accountability for the political and educational leaders in these cities.

In the meantime, school officials seem intent on driving top performing students from their systems in Boston, New York and other cities where advanced programs are being shutdown or suspended. Mayor Bill deBlasio proclaimed that public schools are a means to redistribute wealth as students continue to fail on every level in the system.  Other education officials have denounced “meritocracy” as racist.  These officials, including a recent congressman, attack standardized tests as racist rather than make real progress to improve performance on such tests for these children.

The top spending public school districts are also some of the worst performing school districts.  New York topped the per capita spending at $24,040 per kid. Washington, D.C. is close at $22,759.  Baltimore is often ranked in the top three per capita spending districts. The total budget for Baltimore public schools is $1.2 billion. That is for a city with a total population of roughly 600,000 (The greater Baltimore metropolitan area is 2.8 million). In 2015, the school population was 84,000 kids.

According to a 2019 study, over half of the New York City public schoolkids cannot handle basic math or English.  On tests, Asian kids shows a  74.4 percent proficiency in math with a 66.6 proficiency for whites, a 33.2 percent proficiency for Hispanics, and a 28.2 percent proficiency for African Americans.  Thus, more than two third of African American kids were not able to handle basic math in a school system with one of the highest per capita expenditures for students in country. Thus, public schools may be a vehicle for deBlasio to “redistribute wealth” but he is not distributing education or learning to those who need it the most….[    ]

What do you think?

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final frontier
4 months ago

Back in 2008 it was announced that DC was paying 25K PER student and 50% of the graduating class was functionally illiterate!

4 months ago

Dear library Guests,
The movie Idiocracy is from now on being listed under ‘documentations’.

4 months ago

Holy crap, how do you get in the bottom half? Kudos to the dude who came in dead last in that class.

4 months ago

Stupid is the new smart. Everything else is raciss 

4 months ago

His classmates routinely call him Einstein. Although, they aren’t really sure why.

Crasher K
4 months ago

He has a bright future as a government official.
Have him start out counting the ballots during the next election.

Uncle Chubby
4 months ago

so that you know, teachers’ pay is based on student performance. 

4 months ago

I stopped reading after ‘Baltimore’

Rudi Mentary
4 months ago

Maybe he will also be this year’s valedictorian?

4 months ago

It’s Baltimore. Not getting shot before you graduate means you’re a genius.

4 months ago

Good luck instilling a work ethic into your kids. Honest work is for suckers.

4 months ago

this kid will go on and get a free college degree and then a free job where he goes in one day a month and gets paid 250,000 a year. so whats the problem? Until the bridges and buildings start falling down.

Real Doge
4 months ago

So he flunked everything and is still above Average? way to go USA.

Vic Multani
4 months ago

He received a trophy for showing up 25% of the time.

4 months ago

Well, I for one believe this young man is fully qualified to fly a private plane for the “Squad.” Make sure to not grade his pilot’s exam, as that is a form of racism.  

4 months ago

send him to Princeton. It’s the equitable and politically correct thing to do. 

4 months ago

The mom was unaware that her son missed 272 days of school and failed 22 classes…and unsurprisingly no mention of this kid’s dad. There’s a problem here, and it’s not Baltimore Schools.

Direct Link
4 months ago

How do you not know your kid missed 272 days of school? Negligent parent = criminal & uneducated child. 

4 months ago

The average IQ of a black Baltimore City school student has fallen to a mean of 76, and 86 for whites

A good percentage of these students would not be able to learn how to read beyond a comic book no matter how much resources you put in. It is hopeless.

The only thing you can do is build a border wall around Bmore, less free abortions with the rampant crime killing off the population taking generations.

Baltimore and its schools are an unfixable write off.

4 months ago

There is no fixing an 85 IQ. It doesn’t make people with low IQ any less human, but we cannot come to terms with a problem by denying it. 

No Comment
4 months ago

Our education system is a disaster because our society is a disaster.
It’s easy to scapegoat teachers. But the biggest problem are parents. If the kids even show up to school in the first place, they are essentially feral.

Search This
4 months ago

COVID is an excuse to further dumb down the proles. This process is going on since JFK, when they needed educated people to to compete against the USSR. They no longer compete so no need for high standard of living, retirement, etc. and most of all dangerous education.

Frying Pan
4 months ago

Well, if they changed story math problems to something like; ‘Travon scores 8 baskets, so how many points did he score?’ Or ‘Levon scores 3 touchdowns, so how many points did he score?’ Or ‘Kuku sells 9 dime bags, so how much money did he make?’ You might see the scores improve…if they can read the questions.

Ms Merit
4 months ago

He coulda been Obama’s son



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