GoFundMe project to detect voter fraud rejected by company for “spreading misleading information about the election”


GoFundMe has nuked Matt Braynard’s donation page, which he was using to purchase data to analyze whether dead people and invalid absentee voters participated in the 2020 election. The page had raised over $220,000 for the effort.

According to GoFundMe, Braynard’s fundraiser “attempts to spread misleading information about the election and has been removed from the platform. All donors will be fully refunded.”

This means: GoFundMe has now interfered with efforts by an independent data expert to analyze potential fraudulent voting activity, suggesting that doing so is ‘spreading misleading information.’

People can now donate on platform Give Send Go.

November 6, 2020:

GOP political analyst and former Trump Data Chief Matt Braynard has launched a GoFundMe page to detect voter fraud in the key states of AZ, GA, MI, NC, NV, PA, and WI.

Currently, over $196,000 collected for the project is being held hostage by the GoFundMe company, as it the company states the project is “still under review.”

Braynard, who is now the president of Braynard Group (which provides services for polling, fundraising, and detecting voter fraud) states that if he can raise enough money to purchase databases from data vendors, he can audit the election in key states by comparing absentee ballots and early voters to the National Change of Address Database and the Social Security Death Index.

Braynard states he would need at least $250,000 to purchase the databases, and added that he will not be taking a “nickle” for the project.

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Written by Golliat

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