Giuliani: Even if Hunter Laptop Story ‘Isn’t Accurate,’ Americans ‘Are Entitled to Know It’

Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani argued on Tuesday that the American public deserved to see reports based off material from Hunter Biden’s laptop “even if it isn’t accurate.”

Appearing on AM1100 The Flag, a North Dakota radio show, the former New York City mayor grumbled about social media companies initially restricting access to the Post stories, saying it “reminds me of the communist and the Nazis.” From there, he said the story should be spread regardless of its accuracy. “They’ve set up an Iron Curtain so you can’t get out the New York Post story which I happened to know is 100 percent accurate,” Giuliani declared. “But even if it isn’t accurate, the American people are entitled to know it.”

Giuliani recently acknowledged that he specifically peddled the salacious Hunter Biden laptop story to the New York Post because they wouldn’t “spend all the time they could to try to contradict it before they put it out.” Other news outlets have reportedly passed on reporting on the laptop material for fear that it can’t be verified and may be part of a targeted disinformation effort….[   ]

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