First and Business-Class Flyers Now Exempt From Wearing A Mask, Not Applicable to Peasants

Flying in first class comes with lots of perks, but Cathay Pacific Airways is upping the ante during the pandemic by exempting wealthy passengers from wearing masks in certain situations, according to Executive Traveller

“Now there’s at least one more reason to fly in business class or first class, especially with Cathay Pacific: the airline will exempt passengers in those premium cabins from wearing a face mask when they recline their seat to a fully-flat position.

Cathay Pacific’s reasoning is that the high enclosures surrounding its business class seats and first class suites, along with the greater degree of personal space and thus the distance between travellers, helps combat the airborne spread of coronavirus between passengers.

The Hong Kong-based airline made face masks compulsory for all passengers on May 15 at all stages of their journey, from airport check-in to lounges as well as during the flight.

However, in an internal memo issued on Friday, Cathay Pacific advised crew that a mask exemption will apply “when a passenger is lying flat in business or first class.”

However, the new policy doesn’t apply for economy seating as they must keep their masks on at all times. 

What do you think?

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5 months ago

We are all in this together…

Dan H
5 months ago

Have any of you actually seen pictures or video of Bill Gates wearing a mask?

Kadin Blackwell
5 months ago

The rich get to enjoy the world while the peons are confined to quarters

5 months ago

What about 3rd class steerage? Do they still have to poop in a bucket?

5 months ago

Crazy Rich Asians..! They love their money and hierarchy.

5 months ago

The New Normal will include far fewer useless eaters with high carbon footprint, as they will be eliminated by the “vaccine”.

5 months ago

Three words: Rules…thee…me…

Big Blue
5 months ago

No parachute for them, either!

5 months ago

Simple, don’t be a peasant

Butt Head
5 months ago

People are flying in private planes so they don’t have to deal with the nonsense from TSA and Karen. That’s the only way to travel. Just like divorce it’s worth every cent!

5 months ago

Can 2 sleep in that bed?

Zoe H
5 months ago

About the photo: Sleeping on an aircraft with a steaming hot cup of coffee 18 inches from your arm? Brilliant.

5 months ago

Hunger Games movies are becoming reality. A few elite excel while the rest suffer. And this is what the majority of people want. This is what they voted for, they voted for their enslavement and poverty.

Mr Random
5 months ago

lol lol lol ready to fight yet.

Me Too
5 months ago

The middle class and poor have always agreed to take it up the butt. They have a complicit attitude – that is why they will always be poor and powerless.

American Gulak
5 months ago

Mega-rich = no vaccine, no mask, natural food, wonderful estates.

Common folk = DNA altering/ID vaccine, two masks oxygen-depriving masks, eat pesticide laden bugs, live in a techno slave state.

Democrat Politburo Leadership: controls the narrative, decides which category you belong

5 months ago

Masks are for poor liberals

5 months ago

I bet they’re getting complimentary BJs from stewardesses, as well.

5 months ago

Well one thing’s for sure. None of them will die of Covid.

5 months ago

“All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.”
George Orwell – Animal Farm

5 months ago

Makes as much sense as the garbage the liberal media is spouting about the coronavirus only spreading at Trump rallies, but never among the BLM and Antifa “peaceful protests.”

5 months ago

The peasants in steerage on the Titanic didn’t get to the lifeboats either.

5 months ago

How about that?
They’ll be exempt from the Sterilization Vaccine requirement, too. 



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