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How a Texas Gunfighter Cop Stopped the ISIS Attack in Garland, Texas

What was the Obama Administration’s FBI involvement? Why was there a cover-up?

In Garland, Texas, on 3 May 2015, Gregory Stevens, a veteran police officer with the Garland Police Department, was working off duty as armed security for the “Draw the Prophet” cartoon contest event.

Pamela Geller organized the Draw the Prophet event as a response to Islamic demands that Western Civilization submits to Islamic censorship.

The particular demand was no one would be allowed to draw images of the Prophet Mohammed or to mock him or make fun of him.

The infamous attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris had occurred just five months earlier, by two Islamists with AK-47 type rifles and Tokarev pistols.

Many will remember the Draw Mohammed event, in the Dallas suburb of Garland, which was attacked by two Isis recruits.

Few know the details of how one prepared gunfighter police officer faced two Islamic riflemen armed with semi-automatic rifles, handguns, plenty of ammunition, soft body armor, and the element of surprise. He fought them at close range and prevailed.

Gregory Stevens was that officer. For his own safety and security, and, possibly, to shield the FBI from exposure, the details of the attack and his defensive actions were hidden for more than a year.

Obama-Comey’s FBI Involvement and Cover Up?

As Greg engaged Simpson and Soofi, an undercover FBI agent was traveling with the terrorists in a separate vehicle, approaching the rear entrance where the gunfight happened. The agent and two terrorists had traveled all the way from Arizona, in two vehicles. It was claimed the FBI agent took pictures of the attack, just as it started. It was claimed he participated in intelligence gathering, and in planning the attack, advising the terrorists to wait until the event was ending.

The FBI agent, only identified in the following lawsuit as UCE-1, stopped, then attempted to flee the scene.

He had encouraged the terrorists. He had taken a picture of the terrorists and had informed Simpson and Soofi he was armed.

He was stopped by Garland Police in a felony stop, at gunpoint. UCE-1 shouted he was FBI. After confirming his FBI status, he was released by the Garland Police.  His involvement in the attack would not be determined until discovery was done in the lawsuit. FBI Director Comey had denied there was any FBI complicity in the attack.

An informational bulletin containing a list of suspected extremists, with a photograph of Simpson, and a possible vehicle license plate, had been sent to Garland Police by the FBI, at about 4 p.m. on 3 May. It had not reached Officer Stevens before the attack had started.

It was not a direct warning of the attack. The court ruled the FBI was acting within its allowed discretion. The lawsuit was dismissed.

Remember: They don’t work for you.

War is peace.

Freedom is slavery.

The Justice Department is the Injustice Department.

What do you think?

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