Facing Deficit, US Museums Consider Selling Art to Pay the Bills

Like many museums, the Met is looking to take advantage of a relaxation of the rules governing art sales to care for collections.

Facing a potential shortfall of $150 million because of the pandemic, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has begun conversations with auction houses and its curators about selling some artworks to help pay for care of the collection.

“This is the time when we need to keep our options open,” said Max Hollein, the Met’s director, in an interview. “None of us have a full perspective on how the pandemic will play out. It would be inappropriate for us not to consider it, when we’re still in this foggy situation.”

Like many institutions, the Met is looking to take advantage of a two-year window in which the Association of Art Museum Directors — a professional organization that guides its members’ best practices — has relaxed the guidelines that govern how proceeds from sales of works in a collection (known as deaccessioning) can be directed….[   ]

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Kadin Blackwell
2 months ago

Museums are dead. Close them down! This society doesn’t deserve it !

2 months ago

Selling art to elite private collectors. Wasted on the peasant class, not high brow enough to undertand it.

2 months ago

Probably some of the greatest art heists happened during the last year of empty museums; only fakes switched in now.

2 months ago

Close the history museums, first. White people don’t need any more exhibits showing how evil they are.!

2 months ago

No people of color will be harmed in this action. Only the wealthy will be allowed to purchase these priceless works of art.

2 months ago

Just tape another banana to the wall. Should sell for a cool $10 mil

2 months ago

Wait till they figure out they can turn that old, white supremacist stuff into slave reparation cash.

2 months ago

Sounds like a biz opportunity for Hunter and the Big Guy

2 months ago

I could use a Monet for my living room…I mean it’s all white supremacy anyway.

2 months ago

They can start with the salaries of the administrators.

As the Metropolitan Museum of Art continued to bleed money, it doled out huge pay raises to top executives.
President Daniel Weiss got a 25 percent increase in 2018 to $955,473, up from $760,291 the year before. His total compensation, including a housing allowance, came to $1.2 million, according to the Met’s just-released tax filing.

2 months ago

The museums are on the globalist’s cancel list. They don’t want people to enjoy or associate anything good from the past. 



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