Dems really are 'defunding' the police, and it's not going well

Democratic politicians at every level, from President-elect Joe Biden down to local city councilmen, reacted to recent incidents of police misconduct by hastily encouraging or even joining in calls to “defund the police.” But they rapidly realized they had made a grave mistake — that their spineless pandering to the woke mob might for once come at a steep political cost, not to mention a societal cost as well.

Consequently, to cover their own backsides, Democrats tried to redefine the idea of “defunding” the police, relying heavily on cover from the liberal media.

“Defund,” they began to assert, didn’t actually mean “defund” at all. No one was going to take money away from the men and women who are keeping crime at bay and detaining the dangerous criminals who victimize their constituents. Rather, “defund” would now mean simply “reallocation.” It might even mean the opposite of the word’s literal dictionary meaning — that cities and states would spend more money, not less, on law enforcement, but with a greater focus on alternative methods of conflict resolution, social programs, and other measures supposedly capable of deterring crime.

For most Democrats, this new argument was just as disingenuous as the first one had been. They stupidly jumped on a bandwagon in order to placate a woke mob, then realized that the bandwagon was rolling off a cliff. Their problem is that you cannot define away a cliff — you can only fall off of it. [ … ]

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