Dems Enjoy Demeaning Us. It's Time to Take Your Republic Back.

The only chance you have to wrestle your republic back from the vile morons who have stolen it is to treat them with utter disdain, just like they treat you.

In September, I posted an old clip on Twitter in which the late Joey Boots of “The Howard Stern Show” fame confronted Tucker Carlson, who was fishing in Central Park. 

I captioned the clip, “Tucker is a legend for this.”

I didn’t think the clip was that remarkable, so I moved on with my day. But then something interesting happened. The tweet went viral. It became my most liked and retweeted post of all time, by a longshot. 

Now I don’t mean to brag, but as a C-List internet celebrity I’m used to my tweets receiving a fair bit engagement. Still, it struck me as odd that this particular clip received so much attention, and I’ve thought a lot about why in the intervening months. 

In the video, Boots attempts an ambush-style interview of Carlson, demanding to know whether it’s legal to fish in Central Park. In turn, Carlson asks why Boots is filming their interaction. The first few seconds of the clip are tense, and the stage appears set for a Carlson meltdown. But instead of blowing his lid, Carlson calmly diffuses the situation, explaining that he is fine with being filmed in public and that it is indeed legal to fish in Central Park. The pair then chat like old pals about fly fishing and Joey Boots’ fondness for filming that which he finds interesting in New York City. 

In the time since that video went viral on my Twitter page, the flaming garbage heap of stupidity, evil, and authoritarianism that is our ruling class has ratcheted up the contempt with which it treats us. That contempt has always existed, but it was exacerbated by the prospect of the reelection of President Trump. 

Remember when our Big Tech masters barred us from sharing the New York Post’s coverage of Hunter Biden’s laptop escapades and the sketchy foreign deals it contained in the lead up to the November election? Remember when the senile septuagenarian pretending to be “president-elect” dodged all but the most softball questions during his basement campaign? Our esteemed media preferred to ask Biden about his favorite flavor milkshake instead of why his crack-smoking son, who is under federal investigation, setting up companies for business deals in China and Ukraine with business partners who are currently in jail. [ … ]

What do you think?

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