Democrats calling for unity but vow for vengeance

If I were a store owner in D.C., New York or any other large city, I’d keep the plywood easily accessible.

The election isn’t over as courts sort things out, so it might yet come in handy.

The mobs that rioted for months were in the streets again on Nov. 7,  when the media declared Joe Biden as our next president and Kamala  Harris as vice president. This time, they were partying instead of  looting.

Here’s how Wall Street Journal columnist Gerard Baker described a  jubilant crowd dancing in Manhattan as workers removed boards from  storefronts placed there in case Mr. Biden lost:

“It was a neat little tableau of the protection racket ethos that has  defined American politics for the last four years: Vote for us so we  can dance and celebrate. Vote against us and we’ll burn down your  business and steal your property.”

Although Mr. Biden has gone back on his word not to claim victory  until the election is certified, and has created an “Office of the  President-Elect,” complete with an official looking seal, he has at  least issued the standard call to unite the country. Can’t fault him for  that.

But, more than 70 million Americans who voted for President Trump  might be forgiven for asking, “Really?” In 2016, Democrats not only  refused to accept Hillary Clinton’s loss but have engaged in a four-year  coup attempt to remove Mr. Trump and smear his supporters as racists.

“The bitter 2016 battle for the White House is turning into a forever  war with Hillary Clinton’s tormented team vowing a four-year insurgency  against Donald Trump,” reported Politico on Dec. 3, 2016. “People in  her orbit … are plotting an anti-Trump resistance and venting with a  fury.” [ … ]

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