Delta, UA? Pick another airline. Woke Coke? Pick Pepsi. (

When corporations pick one political party over another, it’s time to take sides with your feet and your money.

This spark was lit in the state of Georgia when major companies joined the woke destroyers of America.

It was bad enough when Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines joined the feeding frenzy over Georgia’s legal right to hold transparent and honest elections, an anathema for a Democrat party looking to advance a voting system void of voter identification.

As an outsider (here in Israel), it feels eerily dystopian writing that last paragraph.  It points to a deeply troubling future for America.

Who would believe we would witness America in such a state of anarchistic meltdown?

I can tell you, America, that for much of the democratic world, countries like Britain, the Scandinavian countries, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, it is a head-scratcher to see the Democrat party pushing for unverified state and national elections.  That, for us, is one giant step away from democracy — a step we will never take.

And to say it is racist because it deprives black folk of the right to vote is as foolish, and as insulting, as to suggest that lack of identification would prevent, say, Israeli Arabs from voting in our national elections, which we have far too frequently.  Are African-Americans that inferior to Israeli Arabs in that they are so incompetent as to be unable to produce any document of self-identification?  

Surely not!

It’s a lie, and it is insulting to anyone’s intelligence, particularly American black folk, the majority of whom must hold some form of acceptable identification.  How would they go about their personal business without one?  And as for those who don’t, is it really that difficult to obtain a document to prove who you are in America?  Are you that much a Third-World country?  We outsiders would really like to know.

This really does diminish you in the eyes of the outside world, America.

Then another shocking example of corporate posturing to the woke destroyers of America emerged.

Groveling to the emboldened radical critical race theorists, backed by the new Democrat government and the cooperative media who salute the race/sex virtue-signaling, United Airlines pledged to make it a priority to have 50% of their flight staff to be female or non-white color.

I guess a black transgender individual would take top priority in the cockpit ahead of a fully trained and experienced white pilot.  Or maybe he would be given preference to share this pilot’s cockpit as co-pilot in UA’s sop to equity.

This is not an airline I would fly on.

The two most outstanding qualities for pilots must be the safety of their passengers and competence in flying the plane.  The color of a pilot’s skin should not, must not, play a part in the selection process.

When that is sacrificed to Critical Race Theory, it is time to choose another airline.  In fact, it is time to punish any airline that threatens to subjugate safety for flawed and divisive political racism.

Any airline that tampers with my safety does not warrant my support.

I refuse to fly Delta or United Airlines until they change their new foolish policies.

I had intended to buy shares in American airlines.  I see a potential uptick in value as American skies begin to reopen when Democrat states decide to unlock their population.

However, I will not be buying shares in Delta or UA….[    ]

What do you think?

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