'Corrupt Politicians Act' Rigs Elections for the Radical Left | Cruz

Fresh off of ramming through a $1.9 trillion monstrosity of a stimulus bill stuffed with pork spending and liberal pet projects, Democrats are gearing up to try to radically transform our election system and lock in majorities at every level of elected government for decades to come.  

Democrats call this bill the For the People Act, or HR 1, but a more appropriate name would be the Corrupt Politicians Act because it’s designed by the politicians, of the politicians, and for the politicians. 

Here are just a few of the countless reasons why this bill may be the single most dangerous piece of legislation we’ve seen in decades: 

It throws out state election laws and puts Washington in charge. This bill eliminates countless state election integrity laws, including Texas’ and other states’ voter ID laws, and replaces them with a set of new laws negotiated by Democrat operatives and radical left-wing activists. The fact is, Democrats are furious that, last fall, Republicans won control of legislatures across the country, so now they’re trying to use control of the federal government to eliminate states’ common-sense election laws. 

It undermines Americans’ voting rights by expanding illegal immigrants’ and felons’ access to the ballot box. The bill mandates registering nearly everyone in the country to vote, regardless of their eligibility, prevents states from maintaining the integrity of their voting rolls or removing dead people, and requires that felons be allowed to vote. It will effectively repeal state and local election laws put in place by the people through their representatives and allow for potentially millions of felons, non-citizens, or illegal immigrants to decide who runs our federal government.  

It codifies voter fraud and mandates ballot harvesting. The bill requires states to allow universal, no-excuse mail-in voting while stripping states of the ability to ensure the integrity of these ballots. For example, states can’t require IDs to vote and the bill makes it nearly impossible to challenge signature matches without the agreement of a Democrat. Moreover, it allows Democratic operatives to collect and submit unlimited ballots – opening the door to widespread fraud – and requires counting these ballots even if they arrive 10 days after Election Day. …[   ]

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