Coca Cola Abandons American Ideas and Requires Diversity

Now that we have entered the new world of diversity, inclusion and equity, the acronym DIE aptly applies.  While schools have long been involved in these activities, businesses have now voluntarily adopted or been forced to accept this left-wing ideology as well. 

Consequently, Coca-Cola has sent out notices to law firms demanding that the company will “require diversity among law firms who bill it for work in the United States and reduce payments if they do not comply.”

Because of pressure from the Marxist, anti-American Black Lives Matter, many Fortune 500 companies have pledged to address alleged racial inequality more aggressively.

In fact, there is almost a competition among firms to see who gets the highest score of diversity and inclusion.  How is this accomplished? 

To determine the Best Workplaces for Diversity, Fortune partnered with Great Place to Work® to analyze anonymous survey feedback representing more than 4.8 million US employees. 

The Best Workplaces for Diversity list focuses on the experiences of women, people of color, LGBTQ people, employees who are Boomers or older, and people who have disabilities. The ranking is based on what these employees themselves report in a 60-question Trust Index© survey about the trust, pride and camaraderie they experience in their workplace, and how those experiences compare to their colleagues’ reports of the same workplaces. Great Place to Work also consider[s] employees’ daily experiences of innovation, the company’s values, and the effectiveness of their leaders, to ensure they’re consistently experienced, as well.

The remaining 15 percent of the rank is based on the diversity of the company’s overall workforce and its management, senior leadership and board, taking into account industry trends. 

Coca Cola Company’s Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, Lori George Billingsley, explains how Coca-Cola is creating a culture of diversity and inclusion.

The company that once touted “Red, White, and You,” has come a long way to now being a leading proponent of the racism that is the underbelly of diversity.

Thus, Coca-Cola’s general counsel is urging law firms to “effect real systemic change” by adhering to new requirements that [mandate that] outside counsel allocate a portion of work to diverse attorneys — specifically Black lawyers — or risk losing money or even future legal business.”

Dare I call this blackmail?  Dare I call it racist? 

In essence, “Coke said it will require quarterly reporting about the makeup of legal teams that do work for it and self identify as American Indian, Alaska Native, Asian, Black, women, Hispanic/Latinx, LGBTQ, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander or persons with disabilities. For those working on new matters for Coke, ‘at least 30 percent of each of billed associate and partner time will be from diverse attorneys, and of such amounts at least half will be from Black attorneys.'”

It said the percentages, which are roughly equal to those of the U.S. population overall, will be adjusted over time to eventually hit at least 50 percent of billed time coming from diverse attorneys, with half from Black attorneys.

Firms that fail to meet the targets will be docked 30 percent of their fees, and those who continue to come up short may no longer be considered for Coke work.

What do you think?

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Devin Kim
6 months ago

So, the takeaway here is that a company that has been selling a product for human consumption for more than 100 years that has no nutritional value and that could be proven to be toxic to human health has now become the pillar for the moral high ground? 

6 months ago

” Will they still continue to make Vanilla Coke, or will that be considered too white?”

Babylon Bee beat you to that joke:

Tag Lady
6 months ago

What about Coke’s top mgmt and its BOD?? Should they also replace those white folks for the sake of guilt?

6 months ago

Will they still continue to make Vanilla Coke, or will that be considered too white?

6 months ago

Stop buying Coke products….. And don’t forget their subsidiaries and other brands…like FairLife Milk, Bacardi Mixers, HonesTea, and MinuteMaid

6 months ago

Meanwhile, Coca-Cola trains their customers to be “more fat.”

6 months ago

Racism is a huge problem in America that whites have to battle every single day.

Kobe Frey
6 months ago

Make 2021 the year you stop drinking fizzy sugar-water….



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