China moves to take over Hong Kong's electoral system

China’s parliament approved on Thursday a draft decision to change Hong Kong’s electoral system, further reducing democratic representation in the city’s institutions and introducing a mechanism to vet and screen politicians’ loyalty to Beijing.

The measures are part of Beijing’s efforts to consolidate its increasingly authoritarian grip over the global financial hub, following the imposition of a sweeping national security law in June, which critics see as a tool to crush dissent.

Beijing is responding to pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong in 2019, which it saw as a threat to China’s national security. Since then, most high-profile democratic politicians and activists have been sent to jail or are in self-exile.

The changes virtually eliminate any possibility of the opposition affecting the outcome of elections in the former British colony, whose return to Chinese rule in 1997 came with a promise of a high degree of autonomy.

The blanket requirement for “patriotism” raises the risk that politicians will start competing over who is more loyal to Beijing, rather than who has the better ideas for how the city should be governed, analysts say.

The measures will alter the size and composition of Hong Kong’s legislature and an electoral committee selecting the chief executive in favor of pro-Beijing figures.

The committee will also be given powers to select many city legislators. A new mechanism will be set up to vet candidates and screen election winners’ behavior to make sure only those seen as patriots rule Hong Kong….[   ]

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6 months ago

Xi told President Harris her puppet regime will have similar terms & conditions. 

Kobe Frey
6 months ago

USofA Is the only nation where patriots are not allowed to be part of the government…only traitors or illegals allowed.

Direct Link
6 months ago

China is the model which is slowing taking over the world.

Technocracy is here.

6 months ago

its coming here very soon. Future US elections to likely be mere hollow competition among candidates over who can display greater loyalty to the (democrat) party via Beijing…

final frontier
6 months ago

well well.. that looks like the last US election…



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