China Attempts to Silence Western Companies On Xinjiang

It’s been a long-established fact that China has been engaging in egregious human rights violations, particularly with the internment of what could be over a million Uyghur Muslims in the province of Xinjiang. AIER’s Richard Ebeling writes on the matter when he explains

“The Uyghurs, like the Tibetans, and other minority groups in China, have been the victims of Chinese political and ethnic imperialism. The Chinese government has attempted to assure the political unification and integration of, especially, Tibet and Xinjiang by a policy of ethnic and cultural “sterilization.” For decades, the Chinese authorities in Beijing have instigated Han Chinese population migrations to these two areas to “dilute” and reduce to a demographic minority the Uyghur and Tibetan peoples within their own lands.”

The context surrounding the subjugation of Xinjiang is that it is home to terrorist activity, most likely because the province itself is a recent conquest made by the Chinese and not a longstanding member of the Chinese nation. In an attempt to quell political unrest, the Chinese Communist Party has built a vast and oppressive surveillance state in the region while interning as well as torturing what could be over a million Uyghurs, the main ethnic group in the region. This is easily one of the greatest modern atrocities committed by a modernized country. China has repeatedly denied poor treatment of the Uyghur people much like it denies wrongdoing on every other human rights abuse. 

Breaking News

This week numerous headlines such as this one from NBC News reports that a sudden and coordinated boycott effort against Western fashion brands has sprung up across China. Brands such as Burberry, Adidas, Nike, H&M, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, New Balance, Zara, and many others were targeted by Chinese state-controlled media for their statements on Xinjiang, some made years ago. 

The Hollywood Reporter notes that these attacks are in response to a coordinated condemnation of human rights abuses in Xinjiang issued by 27 nations such as the United States, Canada, and the European Union. They write

“The ruling Communist Party criticized H&M for saying in March 2020 it would stop buying cotton from the northwestern Chinese region. The Swedish retailer joined other brands in expressing concern about reports of forced labor there.”

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