Chicago Teacher's Union "Endorses" Guillotine Built by Protesters Outside Jeff Bezo's Home

A group of former Amazon employees constructed an actual working guillotine outside of Jeff Bezos’ home in Chicago on Friday in protest to raise Amazon’s minimum wage from $15 to $30 an hour.

Chris Smalls, the “former Amazon employee” who led the protest, told the crowd about the long hours he worked at Amazon’s Staten Island shipping center without “adequate” pay (he likely received at least the same $15 an hour that protesters like him were demanding just a couple of years ago, or more). He finally walked out in protest over Amazon’s handling of the coronavirus, and was fired shortly afterward.

Unbelievably, the video caught the attention of the Chicago Teacher’s Union … and they supported this disturbing stunt and stood in “solidarity.”

Perhaps this isn’t surprising as the Chicago Teachers Union organized a teachers’ strike last year and ended up shutting students out of classrooms for 2 weeks.

With educators like these, who needs enemies.

Good luck with sending your children to any Chicago public school.

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Written by crazy8

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