Chicago suburb will give Black residents reparations due to racism and discrimination

A suburb of Chicago is setting a precedent for racial equality as it moves forward in becoming the first city in the country to fund reparations for its Black residents — but some residents say it doesn’t go far enough to truly be called reparations.

Evanston, just north of Chicago, voted to approve a groundbreaking measure in 2019 in which the city would financially compensate its Black residents to address the wealth and opportunity gaps they have experienced because of historical racism and discrimination.

Using community donations and revenue from a 3 percent tax collected on the sale of recreational cannabis, the city adopted a reparations fund and pledged to distribute $10 million over 10 years.

Since then, Evanston officials have been putting together a plan to disburse the money, eventually deciding that the first $400,000 will be dedicated to address housing needs.

The City Council is expected to vote March 22.

But as officials prepare to move forward with a vote on the first phase of disbursements, some residents say more work is needed before the measure can be classified as true reparations.

“Reparations is the most appropriate legislative response to the historic practices and the contemporary conditions of the Black community. And although many of the anti-Black policies have been outlawed, many remain embedded in policy, including zoning and other government practices,” said Robin Rue Simmons, an alderman in Evanston’s 5th Ward, who introduced the legislation.

“We are in a time in history where this nation more broadly has not only the will and awareness of why reparations is due, but the heart to advance it,” Simmons said.

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1 month ago

Reparations for what ?. The alternative was dancing around a fire in a grass skirt with a bone in the nose engaging in mass rape and cannibalism against neighboring tribes.

final frontier
1 month ago

If you are a white guy and you arent a racist yet, this is all designed to push you over the line

Me Too
1 month ago

Ever notice that the most rabid anti-whites are the half-whites. 

1 month ago

don’t forget 24″ rims for the 1986 caddy.

1 month ago

Free watermelon and fried chicken too!

1 month ago

If White people hadn’t been saddled for the past 60+ years with trying to bring blacks up to speed we would’ve been on Mars by now.

1 month ago

I have done the math and come up with a fair dollar amount for reparations. After I deducted stolen goods, Blacks owe the rest of America $98.

1 month ago

Another reason why decent white people need to withdraw from the system as best they can.
I’m done giving my money to scum

Space Marine
1 month ago

So if they get paid reparations Affirmative Action stops, right?

1 month ago

Uhh, sure I lived there with my 2nd cousins Aunt Jemima one weekend in July, 1967. Can they prove that I didn’t?

1 month ago

To qualify, residents must have either lived in or been a direct descendant of a black person who lived in Evanston between 1919 and 1969.

That’s the most racist policy I’ve heard of in a long time. What about all the Chinese who were denied housing during that time period? The Mexicans who weren’t even allowed into Evanston? The Uzbeks who couldn’t even get to Evanston? 

1 month ago

Great way to get rid of the few remaining white people in your community if thats what they are trying to do.

1 month ago

Attention all Whites in Evanston, IL.
It’s time for you to get your azz out of town.



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