Burger King Celebrates International Women's Day: "Women Belong in the Kitchen"

A tweet from Burger King UK that said “women belong in the kitchen” was criticized on the social-media site on Monday, International Women’s Day.

—Burger King (@BurgerKingUK) March 8, 2021

The messaging wasn’t the work of a social-media manager gone rogue — it was tied to the chain’s launch on Monday of an initiative to help increase the number of women in head-chef roles. But it struck people on Twitter and Facebook the wrong way.

Some described the tweet as tone-deaf on a day meant to celebrate women. Others said they wouldn’t eat at the restaurant anymore. And others joked about the fast-food chain’s marketing team thinking the message would be a good idea.

A Twitter account associated with KFC said Burger King should have deleted the tweet after sending it. “Why would we delete a tweet that’s drawing attention to a huge lack of female representation in our industry,” Burger King replied.

What do you think?

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1 month ago

BK should stick to their core business, making the worst fast food. 

1 month ago

A degree in women’s studies is also a ticket to be coming Burger King employee –

Ms Merit
1 month ago

Woke Police a heat seeking missile scanning the landscape for a runaway slave

R Bases
1 month ago

Make sure you tell the women to go to the kitchen and make babies.

1 month ago

Woke has no sense of humor.

Frying Pan
1 month ago

I love it when the multi-billion $$$ mega corps attempt to virtue-signal, then step in it by being cute, then fall all over themselves trying to backtrack for the wokester crowd… Don’t they know that the vast majority of social media accounts are all run by AI and are programmed to find fault with any and all sane discourse? 

Big Blue
1 month ago

Snowflakes get offended by virtually anything. Sad and stressful life.

1 month ago

Men are much better cooks, all the best Chefs are men. Women make better HR department Karens, though.

1 month ago

Call them Burger Drag Queen – #2 on the menu – you order a chicken sandwich but surprise! surprise! there is a Whopper in the bag

1 month ago

This is ridiculous. Everyone knows they belong in the bedroom only. 

1 month ago

Oligarchs belong in the Kitchen oven.

1 month ago

Calling a cook at Burger King a chef is like calling Biden president.

1 month ago

This is actually the funny part of woke mob mentality- watching the virtue signaling a-holes cancel each other…

1 month ago

I think we all need a cynical voice of realism. One: if BK’s marketing intention was to create attention in the public eye, they succeeded . There is no bad press! And, two: let’s face it, despite all this women’s Lib crap women do spend most the time in the kitchen, Whether they want to be there or not. It’s just reality, plain and simple.

Last edited 1 month ago by teg
1 month ago

In defense of Burger King, if you actually read the text underneath the title it clearly explains that they are trying to hire more female managers. That said, whoever really reads the fine text.

1 month ago

If Burger King‘s marketing firm can’t see the problems with this campaign, they should be fired immediately for stupidity.



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