Britain Shrugs Off Human Rights Concerns, Wants More Trade With China

But is this move anything new, in real terms? Or is it part of a new world order that all western powers have, in reality, signed up to regardless?

And so, finally, the cat is out of the bag. Decades of mystery over whether western states genuinely believed in their own human rights doctrine imposed on the developed world are exposed as folly. Or at least for the new, shiny post-Brexit Britain, anxious to climb a few notches on the world’s economic stage.

Remarkably, in a leaked video, which the UK foreign office claim has been ‘edited’, Britain’s foreign minister has admitted that human rights will no longer be an issue which stops the UK investing heavily in countries which in the past it scorned for being below par. Translated, this means, the UK will do all it can to beef up its trade, in particular, with China. There are other countries also, which this new rationale will affect, positively – Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt being the obvious contenders – with probably no real change in relations with Russia which Joe Biden has already indicated has to be the new bogeyman for those wishing to benefit from special relations with the U.S. And Britain certainly wants that, at least, with a new trade deal expected soon to be agreed by Sleepy Joe’s administration.

But is this move anything new, in real terms? Or is it part of a new world order that all western powers have, in reality, signed up to regardless? Certainly the EU itself struggles to identify any credible human rights doctrine as quite apart from showing shocking inconsistency with countries that it turns a blind eye with to those that it obsesses over on a daily basis, it doesn’t seem to be able to enforce or implement any policy. Except of course with its own idiotic sanctions in places like Syria, which few care to remember, was about to sign an association agreement with the EU in 2008, before relations went distinctly cold again after a UN report linked Assad to the assassination of Rafiq Hariri in Lebanon in 2005.

Britain’s move is all about the money. In the same week as the bombshell video was splashed by the UK press of the foreign minister saying that Britain really couldn’t afford not to be part of the tiger economies which have poor human rights records, it was also revealed by the fringe press that the same government department plans to axe funding to scores of anti-corruption schemes around the world. Those two actions alone debunk once and for all that the UK is faintly interested in regimes’ torture treatments of political dissidents, illegal detention, rape or even plain old-fashioned murder of political advisories around the world as long as there’s good business to be done by Britain.

But in fact, it’s nothing new even for the UK, let alone the West, even though the wet Washington Post still dedicates column inches to Joe Biden’s plan to use human rights as a central theme to building a new set of relations in the Middle East. Both the former and latter are pure BS….[    ]

What do you think?

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28 days ago

The Chinese own most of the U.S. because they have purchase our treasury bonds. What’s the UK’s excuse?

fully charged
28 days ago

Just goes to show that the globalists are spouting BS when they declare they care about human rights. When it comes down to money … human rights don’t mean anything to them.

tara talks
28 days ago

Only Trump had the balls to stand up to China. No one else does, and certainly not Sleep Joe!

28 days ago

This shows that the UK is truly the U.S.’s bi&#ch.

The Biden administration is caving in to the Chinese … and now so are the Brits.

28 days ago

Churchill must be rolling over in his grave at UK’s cowardice.

28 days ago

Once again, this explains why the travesty of the Uighurs in China is being ignored by the Western world and mainstream media. For shame!

28 days ago

Hail the power of cheap Chinese goods!



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