Big Surprise: ANTIFA begins compiling lists of businesses to add to Yelp's 'racism' blacklist

That didn’t take long to be abused …

After Yelp announced plans to place alerts on businesses accused of “racist behavior,” an Antifa group responsible for organizing the violent Portland riots is now compiling a blacklist of pro-police and anti-Black Lives Matter companies.

@safePDX, an abolitionist collective “keeping protesters safe from state violence,” declared Thursday that the organization is moving to compile a list of “non-friendly” businesses in Portland that is “hanging blue lives garbage in their store or anything else that’s anti the BLM movement.” Then the private account solicited more than 6,000 followers to “[d]rop them below” in the replies.

Portland Sound Bloc—known as “Rob” in a Portland Monthly article who blasts nightly music with his speakers—reported Brothers Cannabis Dispensary for “pro-cop sh*t in the windows.”

To which, the alleged minority-owned business with a majority of minority employees defensively responded to the accusation: “What Pro-cop thing are you talking about? Are you referring to this portland police alarm permit we are required to display since day one?” According to the city’s website, Portland requires business owners with alarm systems to maintain an annual permit. [ … ]

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