Biden won’t stop ANTIFA, and neither will cops, until Portland is burned down (

The nation’s capital was hard to recognize on Inauguration Day this year. In response to the Capitol Hill siege on Jan. 6, thousands of police and National Guard troops were sent on the streets of Washington, DC, where they manned checkpoints and set up barriers.

The predicted right-wing violence by Trump supporters never materialized. Joe Biden’s inauguration went off without a hitch. But in the Pacific Northwest, Antifa had other plans.

In Portland, Black Lives Matter-Antifa made good on their pre-announced “J20” (January 20) riot. Around 150 Antifa dressed in black shut down traffic as they marched unimpeded to the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Oregon. They held a large banner showing a Kalashnikov and the text, “WE DON’T WANT BIDEN — WE WANT REVENGE!”

They destroyed the offices by smashing its windows one by one using hammers and metal batons. They dragged dumpsters onto the street and started a fire. Their comrades shielded them from cameras with large black umbrellas.

When Portland police responded, they confiscated knives, batons, a crowbar, pepper spray and homemade firebombs from Antifa. However, most of them quickly dispersed into the neighborhood in small groups. Police only made eight arrests. Four of them had been arrested at Antifa riots in 2020.

Later that night, Antifa regrouped in southwest Portland, where they chanted, “F– Joe Biden” while marching to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility. Dressed in riot gear, they brandished shields, batons and rocks. Federal officers used flash bangs and tear gas to disperse the rioters. Portland police arrested seven, three of whom were also charged over riots last year.

For example, Justin Bowen, who was charged with reckless endangerment, attempted assault on police and other riot-related crimes, was arrested for the fourth time overnight. All his charges were dropped by morning.

It wasn’t only Portland that experienced Inauguration Day rioting. In Seattle, hundreds of Antifa shut down [ … ]

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