Berkeley plans to eliminate 'racist' single-family neighborhoods

Berkeley was the primary metropolis within the nation to introduce “exclusionary zoning” within the early 1900s within the Elmwood neighborhood, and now it might be one of many first cities within the state to consider undoing it.

Single-family-only zoning has ties to racially motivated segregation, metropolis leaders preserve, and has traditionally made it troublesome for folks of colour or these with decrease incomes to buy or lease property in sought-after neighborhoods.

In 1916, the town agreed to single-family zoning within the Elmwood space, within the southeast of the town, making it unlawful for another housing to be constructed there, comparable to residences, duplexes or triplexes. The brand new laws, launched by Vice Mayor Lori Droste, would forbid single-family zoned areas and permit extra of what she referred to as the “lacking center” housing — these residences, duplexes or triplexes.

“Utilizing the legislation to declare ‘wealthy folks solely’ doesn’t replicate Berkeley’s values. It’s properly previous time for Berkeley to scrap the racist, exclusionary zoning legal guidelines that it invented to preserve out inexpensive properties. This is among the greatest ethical problems with our time, and Berkeley should be a frontrunner in fostering inclusive neighborhoods that assist reverse injustice and inequality,” Droste stated in a press release.

In accordance to tweets by Droste, in 1915, then-city lawyer Frank Cornish talked about defending homeowners in opposition to “much less fascinating (and) floating renter class.” The subsequent 12 months, zoning legal guidelines prevented Chinese language laundromats and African American dancehalls within the Elmwood space.

Altering the zoning would permit, for instance, an present home, if massive sufficient, to be became a duplex or perhaps a triplex. It might additionally permit the development of latest buildings comparable to residences or condos in neighborhoods the place beforehand, solely homes have been allowed.

UC Berkeley’s Othering and Belonging Institute carried out a two-year research of racial segregation within the Bay Space and located that single-family zoning dominates residential zoning. The research discovered that 84% of the Bay Space’s residential land is zoned for single-family properties solely. For Berkeley, 49% of its residential zoning is devoted to homes solely. Different cities comparable to Oakland are zoned at 65% for single-family properties whereas the whole metropolis of Piedmont is 100% zoned for homes.

The proportion of single-family zoning on another East Bay cities: 92% in Livermore; 91% in San Leandro; 78% in Hayward and 88% in Fremont.

“I’ve been making an attempt to handle actual inequities with our zoning code for fairly just a few years,” Droste stated in an interview.

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1 month ago

You can’t fix stupid (Liberal city council members)

1 month ago

Good god. You have to be a true moron to go to Cal.

screen time
1 month ago

I think that is the idea. Housing is already exorbitant in California … their progressive policies will force housing prices down so that more people can afford to buy or rent a home. They can also decrease their homeless problem at the same time. It’s a win for everyone … except those unlucky enough to already have an expensive home in Elmwood.

1 month ago

You can bet big money that if this legislation passes the property values in this neighborhood will plummet.

road warrior
1 month ago

I think this is just another example of stupid progressive policies that are determined to ruin the U.S. culture for the “greater good.”

1 month ago

While the whole justification behind this re-zoning is complete BS … one can’t force equity from top down … I must admit that zoning laws are pretty restrictive within the U.S. If you travel anywhere outside the country, you quickly realize that most other countries and cities have more relaxed zoning legislation, mixing commercial with residential and multi-family dwellings.



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