Asian Supremacy

The problem is that any objective analysis would open up huge cans of worms about racial differences in test scores.

The more we get lectured about White Supremacy, the even less supreme whites get, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Is this merely because whites are losing power demographically and thus it’s ever more risk-free to insult them? Or is it also that white performance is being depressed by all the libels?

For example, one of the most striking but least mentioned stories of the 21st century has been that Asian-Americans have been pulling away from whites on a variety of measures. But Asians are the great unmentionable during the Black Lives Matter mania, because they don’t fit into the fashionable narratives of White Privilege and Systemic Racism.

The College Board recently released the average SAT college admission test scores for high school seniors in 2019–2020.

The results don’t fit in with the usual journalistic portrayal of whites as effortlessly dominant both in numbers and in rankings.

Whites are down to only 41 percent of high school seniors taking the SAT.

Even more strikingly, the gap between the mean scores of Asians and whites has grown from only 6 points in 2000 to 113 in 2020. The standard deviation is around 210. So the median Asian in 2020 would score about the 70th percentile among whites.

Here is the graph by The Unsilenced Science: [ … ]

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