Are we headed toward cultural doom?

This cancel culture phenomenon that’s been foisted upon us is a manifestation of true evil, of both intent and results. I have no doubt that, if it’s allowed to continue unchecked, we will be headed for a fate as bad as that of other once-great cultures in history. As soon as freedom and creativity are snuffed out, a culture rapidly begins the process of decay.

One example is ancient Babylon, once the most advanced city in civilization. It, and its broader area, Mesopotamia, thrived roughly where Iraq, Syria, and Turkey now sit. This was back a couple of thousand years BC. You’ve maybe heard of the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

Today, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey don’t evoke many images of creativity and scientific progress. Hard to imagine that, 2,000 years before Christ, the area was home to a culture that created advanced mathematics, codified astronomy, and created sophisticated art and literature. They developed a modern number system (where Roman numerals once were the standard). They developed many of the fundamental elements of physics. Way back in Hammurabi’s time (1792 BC to 1750 BC), the Babylonians developed a complete legal code. While a bit more severe than our modern law, many of its principles (for instance that you are innocent until proven guilty) are used to this day.

The finer details of how that great culture fell are not important. Fall, it did. Internal political strife weakened it, inviting invasion by its enemies, and that cracked it apart. You’ll find plenty of information online if you’re curious.

The parallels are not necessarily linear. The point is, that we, like the Babylonians, are not invincible. We don’t take seriously the dangers we are facing right now. We could easily destroy ourselves, to the point where we would no longer have a culture. Once our culture fails, we open the doors to invasion. The Chinese, I suspect, will be happy to step in that door.

My friends and family on the left ridicule my worries, but they don’t bother to look at history. They don’t seem bothered by our current lack of integrity as a government and as a people. I’m puzzled that they don’t see past their own noses.

We’re immersing ourselves in some seriously bad ideas and actions right now. All thought and speech that doesn’t conform to a made-up standard are silenced. That “standard” changes depending on who you are. Trump was hounded for “Russian collusion” that never happened; Biden’s Chinese and Ukrainian collusion are studiously ignored, as is his son Hunter’s role in it. In fact, it could be argued that the FBI’s and media’s suppressing Hunter Biden’s laptop lost the election for Trump. When it comes to COVID, WHO’s warped pronouncements on COVID are golden, but actual scientific study and factual findings are suppressed even if those findings could have saved countless lives. The list could go on for pages.

Power-mad technocrats and bureaucrats adjudicate all speech, weighing the evidence based on their biases, rather than reality. We are setting our culture on a rapid-transit pathway back to the intellectual dark ages….[   ]

What do you think?

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6 months ago

Fascism 2021: They close all gateways for non-party-approved science and art that doesn’t adhere to progressive agenda. Free speech is censored or deplatformed, books are banned from publishers, film is de-funded. Expect more unfortunately.

6 months ago

Creativity and invention will soon be nonexistent, because everything must follow the liberal partyline propaganda. If it deviates from this script … it is canceled.

rockin robin
6 months ago

All of the entertainment world is filled with woke nonsense to make people feel good, rather than reflect reality. We are constantly bombarded with images of black scientists, engineers, doctors, etc. You tell me … does this really reflect reality?

6 months ago

Any culture that states that there is no such thing as 2 biological sexes, normalizes gays and trans, and accepts pedophilia, is on its way out the door.

Last edited 6 months ago by tit4tat
shim sham
6 months ago

Western culture is certainly heading into a decline. We subvert scientific inquiry, quash free speech, and nonstop promote woke history over true historical facts. If we keep on this track, we are toast. China will be the #1 superpower.



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