Are Texas and Florida the new California and New York?

Tech elites from Silicon Valley are flocking to Texas, mirroring Big Apple financiers on the East Coast fleeing to Florida — both lands of low taxes.

  • Texas and Florida are challenging California and New York, but will they replace them?
  • Tech elites from Silicon Valley have been flocking to Texas, mirroring Big Apple financiers on the East Coast fleeing to Florida.
  • They’re all seeking warm weather, affordability, and low taxes as they leave behind a higher cost of living.
  • Texas and Florida may never truly displace California and New York, but the rivalry is real, positioning the Southern states as true power players. [ … ]

What do you think?

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2 months ago

I wish colorado would go Outbound….All the lib commies coming in have completely destroyed the state

2 months ago

Unfortunately they are bringing their politics with them.

Florida is almost a blue state now.

It’s all over but the crying.

It’s looking more and more like offshore/expat is the way to go.

2 months ago

They already are!..

Soon, Texas and Florida will be new South Dakota and North Dakota.

Butt Head
2 months ago

This is just one step in the many steps of the secession movement. Those that love freedom are moving to states that currently have freedom. Eventually these states will form their own countries.

2 months ago

STAY OUT of TEXAS…………’s already too purple….

2 months ago

Now that Collectivists have destroyed their States, they want to come saddle up with the “White supremacists” for safety.

If this was a Hollywood script, no one would watch it!

2 months ago

Great, all of the Karen’s and their soy-boy husbands are fleeing the despotic and corrupt states for a better life…..just what we need, they’ll drag their politics with them and pretty soon we’ll all be on lockdown and get force fed a daily shake of political correctness.

2 months ago

Stay out of Texas and Florida, fix your own Blue State cesspools.

Uncle Chubby
2 months ago

You would think that when you need to flee from a place that was ruined by your politics, that the first thing you would do is change your politics. But no. Total cognitive dissonance every time.  

2 months ago

That’s the advantage of a state system. Let the states compete, and the people can all flow to the states that suit them best. 

2 months ago

As America Divides, Florida and Texas Head One Way, California and New York Go the Opposite Direction.

2 months ago

New York and California are the land of the flee, and Texas is the land of the free



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