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Much of What's Called "Socialism" Is Just Pragmatic

Many freak out at even the mention of the word, socialism. It’s “politically incorrect” to even mention the word thanks to more than six decades of propaganda against it. Bill Maher: “America’s real religion is capitalism. And like any religion, it needs a devil. And that devil has always been socialism.”

Indeed, I’d been subconsciously indoctrinated to have a religious-like belief that democracy and “free market” capitalism go together … that they complement each other. And that the righteousness of capitalism is not to be questioned as I describe here.

Trigger Warning: There are positive aspects of the mentality that we no longer have to be “politically correct.” For decades it’s been politically incorrect to criticize capitalism … doing so makes one a communist and subject to blacklisting, if not execution. So, this is a “trigger warning”: this is not a “safe space” for those who have a fundamentalist, religious belief in capitalism. It’s a space to review the objective reality of systems effects in capitalism.

Those who value freedom must realize that freedom is about more than “individual freedom.”True freedom is about individual freedom and being free from system failure.

That’s what this article is about: taking back the concept of freedom from the limited view of “freedom” promoted by “conservatives” and libertarians. There is little to no “freedom” for individuals in the midst of economic collapse. Individuals can do all the right things and still be financially devastated through no fault of their own. This article reviews those realities from a systems thinking perspective. A major purpose of this article is to describe areas where collective action through government is necessary to avoid system failure.

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