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The Perfect Human Body Is Not What You Think

Mindy Weisberger |  What makes a so-called perfect human body? How about skin like a squid’s or legs like an ostrich’s?

For anatomist Alice Roberts, a medical doctor and writer, the vision of human perfection had nothing to do with modern standards of fitness and beauty. Rather, she imagined how a person’s body could be improved by swapping out some of our less-successful features for more-desirable body parts that evolved in other animals, documenting the results in the BBC Four program “Can Science Make Me Perfect?” which aired in the United Kingdom on June 13.

Roberts collaborated with artists and biologists to build a model of her own body that was modified from head to toe with adaptations intended to improve on the human form. Together, the team created a startling Alice Roberts 2.0, still human-like but with some very unsettling differences: flaring, feline ears; a marsupial’s pouch; and oversize, octopus-like eyeballs.

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