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Left Behind. Groceries No One is Panic Buying During Coronavirus Outbreak

Numerous staple items are flying off the shelves as Americans prep for their coronavirus quarantines. Grocery stores across the nation are struggling to restock dried goods, toilet paper, paper towels, canned foods, and hand sanitizers.

However, some items remain, not deemed worthy to stock up on in these apocalyptic times. Here are some of the foods that consumers just aren’t buying according to Twitter and staffers at Slate.

  • Pasta made from Chickpeas (all other pastas are gone; shoppers flock to the ‘tried and true’)
  • Chocolate Hummus (Slate staffers claim this food item is the canary in the coal mine. Once it’s gone the end is near!)
  • Dasani Water (taste evidently trumped safety with this bit of brand discrimination)
  • Pork (too linked to swine flu perhaps?)
  • Kidney Beans (at least in one location, kidney beans are the least desired legume)
  • Vegan Foods (fake meat—need we say more? If this is the end of days, might as well enjoy the real thing)
  • Dryer Sheets (evidently clean clothes are a priority; soft clothes are not)
  • ‘Obscure’ Canned Vegetables (if you want artichokes and asparagus spears—you are in luck)

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