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The China-Africa Connection: Imagine If the Coronavirus Spread to Africa

Blogger Golem XIV writes about his concern if China’s coronavirus spreads to Africa, a continent in which the Chinese are doing a great deal of business.

According to Golem XIV, Ethiopia’s Bole International Airport is the gateway to and from China, with an average of 1500 Chinese passengers arriving every day. China is conducting major business efforts in Africa including: transport (building airports and railways), energy (constructing power stations and grids), and metals (mining).

While Ethiopian authorities have stated they are scanning arrivals, the coronavirus is extremely difficult to contain. In fact, it can spread to others for up to 14 days before anyone shows symptoms.

The Western countries have so far been successful in containing the spread of the new coronavirus, in part because of their reputable medical communities and infrastructure, and also because the numbers have been relatively small. What happens if the virus gets a hold in the less developed, over populated Ethiopia?

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