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Oat Milk chocolates enter sweet scene, touting creamy dairy alternative

Love creamy milk chocolate but can’t handle dairy? Check out the newest milk alternative to hit the chocolate scene—oat milk chocolates.

Oat milk (made by soaking oats in water, blending, and then straining,) is taking the plant-based milk scene by storm since it was first launched in 2016 by Swedish brand Oatly. According to the Associated Press, the creamy non-dairy milk has since grown by 636% since 2018, and today can easily be found in grocery stores, coffee shops, and even ice cream parlors across the United States.

Oat milk’s popularity over soy, almond, and coconut milk is its creamy taste without the allergens and weird aftertaste. Nutritionally it is a smarter choice over almond and coconut milk as it has less fat, and more protein and fiber.

It wasn’t a huge leap from drinkable oat milk to velvety smooth oat milk chocolate bars. These dairy-free delights are currently available and worth checking out. According to Mind Body Green, here are three oat milk chocolate manufacturers worth trying:

  • Endangered Species Chocolate: Taste, health, and fair trade. Endangered Species is launching an oat milk chocolate that is made from ethically and sustainable sourced ingredients, and will be available in Whole Foods stores this month.
  • Raaka Chocolate: This locally-based chocolate company from Brooklyn has created “a dark chocolate that tastes like a homemade granola cookie.” Feel free to indulge in this transparent trade sweet.
  • Goodio ChocOats: One of the earliest innovators, this Scandinavian company began marketing their vegan chocolates in the U.S. in July 2018. Besides being vegan, the oat milk chocolate bars use “50% less sugar than conventional milk chocolates.”

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