Fascist, anti-free speech hate group ‘Sleeping Giants’ plots to obliterate conservative voices

Sleeping Giants, a far-left fascist hate group, has only one purpose—to bankrupt, smear, and silence all conservative media from the internet.

Founded by former San Francisco ad executive Matt Rivitz in 2016 shortly after President Trump was elected, Sleeping Giants’ goal is to obliterate conservative views by targeting their advertisers with phony allegations of “bigotry” and “hate speech.” And it’s working.

In 2017, conservative media icon Breitbart lost 90% of its advertisers within two months. Using social media campaigns, Sleeping Giants’ tens of thousands of followers pressured Breitbart’s advertisers to pull their ads from the website with false allegations. They also pressured the hedge fund investor of Renaissance Technologies, conservative billionaire CEO Robert Mercer, who two weeks later sold his stake in Breitbart and stepped down from the company.

Sleeping Giants continues to attack conservative voices, willfully engaging in harmful and unethical behavior such as making public the name and email address of Hulu vice president in order to encourage its followers to hound her and demand that the streaming website company boycott conservative Laura Ingraham’s TV show.

Rivitz was hiding his fascist behavior behind anonymity, until the Daily Caller outed him as the founder of the anti-free speech group Sleeping Giants in 2018.

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