200,000 people applied for jobs at Amazon in a single week

Amazon announced last week it wanted to hire 30,000 employees — and a whopping 208,000 people applied, the ecommerce giant said Wednesday in touting the success of a recent recruitment drive it held in six cities as part of the hiring spree.

Thousands of job-seekers flocked to one of those employment fairs this week in Arlington County, Virginia, the planned site of one of up to two new U.S. headquarters Amazon is planning to build. And while the company earlier this year bailed from New York City as the site of one of those hubs amid fierce local opposition, attendees at the Virginia event seemed more receptive.

“I think it’s very interesting that they are making a second headquarters in the same country, and it’s definitely going to make a lot of jobs,” said Robert Agans, a recent college graduate who attended the job fair. …[ ]

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