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Environmentally Hypocritical Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

There’s little I find more annoying than a bunch of rich people lecturing the peons about how something we’re doing is “bad” but then they turn around and do the exact same thing times ten because it’s different when they do it.

I’m talking about environmental hypocrisy.

I like the environment as much as anyone else. I take my reusable bags to the store. I re-use just about everything until it can’t be used any more (a practice I began when I was flat broke and couldn’t afford to add a box of ziplock bags to my grocery cart for school lunches every week.) We try to reduce the amount of trash we create. My family makes all sorts of choices that are good for the environment because we want to be good stewards of the earth.

But it’s pretty annoying to see a bunch of rich people take 114 private jets to an Italian island so they can talk about how crappy the rest of us are to the planet.

And then to hear them say that their private jet flight is “carbon neutral” because they made a financial donation is positively idiotic.

Apparently only people who can afford to make a donation are allowed to be environmentally frivolous and I can pay by credit card or debit to make my sins against the earth disappear.

Here are two ridiculous examples of the financial “elite” wishing to tell the rest of us what to do while they do the diametric opposite but it’s okay because they paid extra.

Environmental activists arrived at “Google Camp” in private jets
Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page throw a shindig every summer so that rich people can come and decide how to save the world from the rest of us. Nicknamed “Google Camp,” it’s a star-studded, rich-person get-together.

This year, the “activists” arrived in Sicily via private jets, mega-yachts, and helicopters.

Thankfully, after attending Google Camp, “thought leaders” like movie stars, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and pop singers should be able to explain to the rest of us how to live carbon neutral lives.

What should you do if you are carboning up the environment?
If you are flying around on private jets and dining on steak and using plastic bags, never fear. You don’t need to change your habits. You can buy your way out of this and the environment will be just fine. I found this site where individuals can “offset” their carbon footprints by giving the organization money.

You can pay a fee for your own carbon use, choose what vehicle you have and offset that, choose how many flights you’ll be taking, how many gifts you will be giving, how many parties you’ll have, and how big your house is. And don’t worry – if you have a surprise flight you can just bop on over to the site and give them some more money.

I quickly calculated how much it would cost to make my family of 2 people carbon-neutral and it was “just” $955.72 a year. If I want a discount, I can pay $16,320 for each of us for our lifetime personal carbon output, however, I’d still need to donate to cover my sins of travel, gift-giving, driving, and living in a house. You can even “offset” your wedding right here…[ ]

What do you think?

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