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Is Homosexuality A Disorder?

(Note: While in this section we make the case that homosexuality should never have been removed from the officially approved list of psychological disorders, we need to stress that we are NOT saying homosexuals should necessarily be in therapy. We are all born imperfect. We all have our little imperfections. We are basically sophisticated animals. We share about 95% of our genes with monkeys, baboons, apes, etc. We probably have genes which predispose us to violence, stealing, promiscuity, bullying, etc. These behaviors occur naturally in the animal kingdom. So, in a way, we are all born “disordered.” But that does NOT mean we all need therapy. Most of us function just fine, imperfections and all. Yes, we maintain homosexuals have an imperfection heterosexuals don’t have. But it’s a relatively minor one that shouldn’t need therapy. If, however, homosexuals let their orientations depress them, for example, then therapy is advisable.
(Now, we need to control our animalistic natures and say NO to any immoral desires we have, natural or not, genetically based or not. If homosexual genes exist, if homosexual desire naturally exists, we should just say no to homosexuality. It may not be easy for some, but it should be done nonetheless.)

For decades the American Psychiatric Association considered homosexuality a disorder (until it was taken over by pro-homosexual ideologues who are now letting sexual politics trump science and logic). Just like a female mind in a male body is a sure sign that something went wrong somewhere (in nature and/or nurture), so a homosexual mind in a heterosexual body is likewise a disorder. Elementary logic leads us to the conclusion that in both cases, the mind is in conflict or disharmony with the body. And just like we view transsexuality as a problem-it-is-okay-to-try-to-fix (sex reassignment surgery is one controversial but legal treatment), so we should view homosexuality as a problem-or-disorder-it-is-okay-to-try-to-fix.

To treat a disorder as if it’s not a disorder is flat-out malpractice. For example, if you went to a doctor because you weren’t feeling well, and the doctor did some tests, found you had heart disease, AND DIDN’T TELL YOU, rational people would say the doctor was malpracticing. That, basically, is what the APA is doing regarding homosexuality. It is not telling homosexuals they have a disorder.

To help illustrate how illogical the APA’s reversal of its position on homosexuality was and is, all you have to do is consider how the APA violated or ignored one of its own criteria when it did so. One of its criteria for determining whether a condition is a disorder is whether the condition results in a significant impairment of social functioning. The fact that homosexuals do not have the desire to engage in perfectly natural phallic/vaginal, procreative sex; the fact that homosexuals have no desire to engage in that sex which animal species require for their very survival and existence—the fact that homosexuals are essentially impotent with the opposite gender—is clearly a significant impairment of social functioning and persuasive evidence of a disorder (which disorder, like so many other disorders, may have a genetic component). The APA has little credibility nowadays. It’s been compromised.

Homosexual activity is so physiologically unnatural and disordered that homosexuals actually have to rely on heterosexuals (or artificial means) to create more homosexuals, since true homosexuals by definition do not engage in reproductive sex…[ ]

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