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What about Nancy Pelosi's link to "El Chapo" Mexican Drug Cartel Nieto Bribe & Other Acts of Treason?

On Friday, President Donald Trump reopened the government after the shutdown over border security, after Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to agree to the $5.7billion for the southern border wall, even though, the president even supplied an even better deal for Democrats with DACA included, and he would also settle for as little as only $5billion for the wall, which Nancy Pelosi also rebutted. In fact, Donald Trump offered Nancy Pelosi various different options to fund the border wall, before deciding to reopen the government himself, in order to pay government employees.

The government is now open until February 15th, and let’s make it clear, Donald Trump did not cave on the border wall, but out of the kindness of his heart, he reopened the government and serviced the workers that had been without pay, with swift back payments and he has now further exposed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, over their unwillingness to supply border security and any funding for the border wall…[  ]

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