The Deep State and The Deep Media

To fully understand the Deep State one need focus on matters both inside and outside of government. The Deep State corrupts everything it touches. Today that includes much of the country.

The Deep State corrupted the media. The first task of any State is to control the information (propaganda) fed to its citizens. Totalitarian states eliminate any free exchange of opinions. The Soviet Union had a state-run newspaper known as Pravda. It was a monopoly in that no other sources legally provided news. The new Russia pretends it has press freedom, but it controls the media. So does China. Severe penalties, including murder, are used to obtain conformity.

In the US, we say we have freedom and a “free press.” But do we?

The answer regarding freedom is increasingly negative, at least when compared with our history. The issue regarding a “free press” is a bit more complicated. America’s press, while not owned by the State, is under similar restrictions as the press in more totalitarian states. These restrictions are not officially codified in law but are understood by the media. They result from the fact that the US government has the power to bankrupt any person or corporation it chooses to target.

The unlimited resources of the Deep State make it impossible for individuals or corporations to defend themselves. If they come after you, you will lose.  Your limited resources or the resources of even the largest corporation are no match for the unlimited resources of the Deep State. Admission of guilt (even when not guilty) and plea deals (often admitting guilt), are generally the least costly alternative to settling any argument with the State. Often it is necessary to survive such assaults.

With this kind of power and the willingness to use it, the Deep State need not own corporations.

The recognition that the Deep State can “kill” any corporation it chooses explains why the “free press” (or literally any other person or company) is not truly free. There is no corporation or individual that does not break the law every day in some manner. These violations are not intentional nor are they even known by the actor. There are too many laws that none of us don’t violate several of them, unknowingly, every day.

This type of society is not socialism in the normal sense. Actually, it is more like fascism where private ownership is allowed but behavior is so subject to government rules and regulations that it is government that actually drives behavior…[  ]

What do you think?

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  1. Completely accurate about the lack of a true “full view.” My only way to discover a few nuggets of truth is just to scour a variety of media outlets that I have found over the years that demonstrate a semblance of integrity. Thinking for one’s self by sorting/filtering, and comparing/contrasting is the only way to truly analyze information. However, I do think that John Soloman does excellent work at:

  2. Don’t forget “Operation Mockingbird”, the CIA’s infiltration of newsrooms in the United States. There is also voluntary compliance with certain media organizations “consulting” for the Feds.

  3. Great comments. I’ll check into the additional information. We may never get a complete view of what is really going on. Try ignoring the government … it would be easier to ignore and remove yourself from the Mafia.

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