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‘If I disappear’: Chinese students make farewell messages amid crackdowns over labor activism  

The elite Peking University has become a battleground in a rarefied ideological battle over worker conditions and rights in modern China.    

The video opens with the 21-year-old sociology student facing the camera. His voice quivers as he recounts his interrogation — his humiliation — for days at the hands of Beijing police.

The officials pressured him to quit labor activism and drop out of Peking University, he says. They slapped him until blood streamed from his nose. They jammed headphones into his ears and played hours of propaganda at full volume. 

On the last day, he alleges, they had him bend over a table naked and spread his buttocks, joking darkly that they would teach him how to insert a listening device.

“This all happened on campus,” Qiu Zhanxuan seethes in the video he recorded in February after he said the police released him, temporarily, after a four-day ordeal. 

“If I disappear,” he adds, “it’ll be because of them.” ..[  ]

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