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UK deep state plots to thwart Brexit

In 2016 we all know that the British people voted for independence. This was despite the despicable threats of the EU elite. Europhile politicians campaigned for their side. No one denies them that right. What was scandalous was the misuse of the civil service and other public bodies to campaign for a highly contentious cause. The Europhiles had the full might of the state on their side.

The British civil service was once the envy of the world. The Northcote-Trevelyan reforms ensured that the civil service was impartial and meritocratic. Civil servants were not named as being behind policies. They offered candid and disinterested advice to politicians who decided on policy based on that advice. Two arch-europhile prime ministers deliberately abolished the political neutrality of the civil service. The rot set in under John Major. Under Tony Blair the politicization of the civil service became flagrant.

In the 2016 referendum the civil service was misused for blatantly partisan ends. Likewise the Bank of England lent is very considerable prestige to the Remain cause. The Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney warned of the horrific consequences of a Leave vote. Note, it was not actually leaving the EU that was needed to bring mass unemployment. A mere vote to Leave would cause hundreds of thousands of people to lose their jobs. Carney should have stayed in his lane. His nakedly partisan intervention was an attempt to help the failing Remain campaign. Carney should be sacked for gross stupidity or outright dishonesty. Unemployment has fallen to its lowest ever level since the 2016 referendum.

George Osborne said that there would be an emergency budget if there was a Remain vote. This jeremiad proved to be yet another blatant falsehood. Osborne’s real name is Gideon. Never trust a man who cannot even tell the truth about his own name.

Predictably Tony Blair was a passionate Remainer. Blair is surely the most mendacious British PM of all time. Even his own party called him ‘Bliar’. Blair being on the Remain side tells you all you need to know. Such was his hubris and vanity that this man wanted to be ‘President of Europe. ‘…..

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